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This is the first Octa CPU ebook reader in the market, no matter you would like use to reading scan PDF, manga, online news, third APK like kindle, this can run it smoothly the response speed is quite fast. the best 7.8-inch ebook reader in that market to support the third app.


Children’s safety of utmost importance

Video on Demand

Top tends on gaming and many great skills to pick up

Rewind a cassette tape?

“Hey Google , play my favourite music now?”

by sitex team

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All the content you need for your tech neeeds

Top 10 Smart Home and Gaming: November 2020

Whether you want home automation systems such as an echo dot, a smart Wifi router, CPUs, or the latest game upgrades; the SITEX team brings you the latest smart home devices and games that are most worth your time in 2020.

5 Life skills you never knew you could gain from gaming

5 life skills you never knew you could gain from again

#SITEXTechAlert: List of June 2020 Launches (Digital Tech & Gaming)

2020 has certainly been a strange and path-breaking year in some ways. December 2020 saw a gaming boom with the launch of two consoles XBONE or XBSX, and lots of promises. As we step into 2021, the SITEX team has rounded up the best new gaming releases to give you something to look to forward to.

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